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Statement Regarding The former WHY.NET

Notice: From 1996 to 1998, there was an Internet Service Provider who used the why.net domain name. They went out of business in 1998 and transferred their web page services for customers with unexpired contracts to a company in Asia, and those services eventually ended around 2000. All of that web page content went away by 2001 and has not been available since.

The current owners of the why.net domain never had and do not have the material from these old web pages. Please don't ask us for copies of these old materials. We also do not know where the material might exist today. (Queries of this type will not be answered.)

If you have web pages that reference these pre-2000 web pages, please delete those links, as the pages they point to are not here, and will return either a 404 error, or a statement saying the content is no longer available, or randomly select a modern and unrelated page to display instead.

In addition, all e-mail accounts belonging to customers prior to 2000 are no longer valid, and either do not function. Please stop sending mail to these addresses and delete these old addresses from your mailing lists and address books.

The current operators of the why.net domain have no affiliation or contact with the former owners, and no current account holders were customers of the former owners.

Why.Net services and content, Copyright 2005-2015, M. A. D. Software.